Want me to wear your stuffs?

I am accepting review copies and sponsors at the moment

If you would like me to blog for you regularly, be it a store owner or event group just leave a comment here or an IM inworld and il be super fast getting back to you

 If you would like to see your Fashion items on my blog, please read the following guidelines.

1-Create a folder named “Review items – [Shop name] and date“ with the items and a notecard including the following:

*Your name
*Your store name
*Landmark of your mainstore
*URL where the item can be found in your store
*Relevant information about the review items, such as availability, price, promo, etcetera.
*A picture if possible.

Send it to Me  inworld


I reserve the right to not include your item if it really doesn't go with my theme basically .. I'l blog anything thats Kawaii, Ubercute, Baby Pink, or adorable

how ever, should i be invited to blog for an event i will bend my preferences to accommodate as many items from said event as possible, even if their not pink :P

Thank you for your interest
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